Skating Home
Exploring Mid-Missouri Hockey Families

Skating Home explores family in the relation to the sport of hockey. It is this familial dedication that has allowed two organizations to teach generations of central Missouri kids a sport that requires a considerable amount of effort to learn despite being in a place with sparse access to the necessary facilities.

Adam’s Hockey Heart, follows Adam Johnston who has formed a family around himself through his hockey relationships in Hallsville and Macon. 

Highway to Hockey
, documents a Columbia family and how they seek ice hockey through a weekly commitment to travel whether its 30 minutes down US Highway 63 or 2 hours away across Interstate 70. 

Adam's Hockey Heart
Highway to Hockey

This project was undertaken as part of my graduate degree program at the University of Missouri.
Thank you to the Lamonds and Johnstons for letting me into their lives. 

Special thanks to Jackie Bell, Keith Greenwood, Hilary Tan.

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