Goodbye Classroom, Hello Home Room 

Approximately 1500 Columbia Public School teachers joined forces with parents to educate students away from the classroom and inside their homes, overcoming the pedagogical and psychological barriers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cutting hands-on labs designed for exploration. Missing conversations with colleagues during lunch and passing periods. Muted students. Distracted students. Struggling students. “I didn’t realize how much in a normal year I rely on building those connections with my students,” Columbia Public School teacher Hannah Nandor said. “Not having those relationships when things started to get hard was kind of like running into a brick wall.” 

In the living room of Colleen Lamond's home, two second graders complete their assignments in their learning pods. In the basement, two kindergartners learn how to read from from their teachers over Zoom. After the being laid off from her job, Lamond created virtual learning stations for her own kids and the children of family friends for the 2020-2021 school year. They called themselves the "Paxton Pod." They established new routines of break out rooms, material pick ups, and story time through a screen.

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